Day 2 or How to Surprise your Foreign Boyfriend 101

Step 1: tell your boyfriend the reason you can’t be there on his birthday is because you are visiting your family in Florida 2 months before birthday
Step 2: send boyfriend fake plane ticket with later date of arrival then his birthday
Step 3: get his awesome roommates in on it
Step 4: fly to foreign land of rain, tea and backwards driving
Step 5: find awesome roommate in the airport (but first you should get yourself put in the immigration pen for not having your exiting plane ticket on you) tip: don’t pack your plane ticket in your checked bag
Step 6: escape immigration pen using wit and charm then find your luggage…at the right carousel, then find awesome roomate,  then find awesome roommate’s car…in the right parking garage…then find boyfriend’s house…after navigating many blocked roads (this part may take longer then expected)
Step 7: send awesome roomate inside to greet boyfriend and act casual
Step 8: wait exactly 60 seconds then run up to house and knock loudly. Have awesome roommate inside ask boyfriend to open door.
Step 9: attempt to say Happy Birthday while your boyfriend swears loudly and goes into shock for the next two hours. Voila! You did it!

We had a killer day filled with wine, amazing food, exploring a really beautiful city and even dancing! Evidence here:


Many thanks to Matt and Charlie and Dan for helping me get here to celebrate! 


Ps. He had NOOOOOOOOOOO idea.

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