Wagon Play at The Toronto Fringe

Wagon Play at The Toronto Fringe

Theatre By Committee is once again taking over a site specific venue at the Fringe this summer, and this time it’s gonna get culty. The company has developed this show from the ground up and created an intricate competition between members of The Way, to showcase them living their truth.

Tired of easy answers and a higher power?
Awaken the power within yourself and learn that you need look no higher. Amber Moon, former pop princess turned modern day guru, will take you through a whole new way to see the world and your place in it. She and her Mooners have rejected the old ways and are travelling the country telling people how to embrace the new.

Join the movement that is about to set the world on fire.

Calling all initiates, calling all initiates, you’re invited to take part in a very special ceremony previously reserved only for the most enlightened of our community. Amber Moon herself will be leading us through our daily Cleanse, followed by a Performance Extravaganza where our selected team of elite disciples will compete for your affection, Amber’s approval, and above all else the chance to transcend to a higher level of enlightenment. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to open your hearts and your minds to the happiness and joy we all feel walking the path of The Way.

Amber is graciously offering tickets to this Cleansing Ceremony for only $13 through the Fringe website. How generous of her! Follow the link for advance tickets!
Doors open 15 min before The Ceremony begins and we urge all initiates to arrive early for the Meet and Greet. Introduce yourselves to our contestants and party it up with us! You only live once. Live your truth with us, friends.

We at Theatre by Committee fully endorse The Way, and can attest to the immense power and purpose Amber Moon’s teachings have already instilled in our lives. We’d like to acknowledge the following artists for joining us in bringing The Way to the Toronto Fringe:

Press for the show, including NNNN’s from Now Magazine can be found here, or here, or here  or here!
Kelly Anderson (designer)
Emma Banigan (performer)
Katherine Cappellacci (performer)
Owen Edward (director)
Brandon Gillespie (performer)
Alexis Gontan (performer)
Ben Hayward (writer/director)
Brendan Kinnon (performer)
Laura McCallum (producer)
Lindsey Middleton (performer)
Jelena Sibalija (stage manager)
Jonathan Walls (performer)

Come see the Resetting happening at:


163 Walnut Ave