Canadian Tour of #Churchtoo with Theatre of the Beat

Canadian Tour of #Churchtoo with Theatre of the Beat

When I first heard about #ChurchToo I wasn’t sure what the experience was going to be. I was excited to be workshopping a new play, I was excited to be working with a new company and creatives but I was mostly excited to be working with people who wanted to make a change with art.

#ChurchToo started being developed six months before the #MeToo movement spread through our newsfeeds. A community was experiencing multiple sexual assaults and many abuses of power and they wanted to address this through a play.

We were given seven different playwrights words and got to spend two full weeks dissecting, discussing and digging deep into their text and even deeper into our own understanding of the weight of this show.

Led by Johnny Wideman, the Artistic Director of Theatre of the Beat and Matt White, Artistic Director of Green Light Arts, we approached the seven pieces head on. To embody these characters authentically is far from easy, some nights far from fun, but we believe so strongly in the message this show is passing on. It spreads far beyond church walls and echoes in our offices, our homes and in this industry.  

I am honoured to have been a small part of this show’s premiere and the message it has spread across Canada in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and hopefully many more places.

For press on the piece you can check out Broadway WorldThe Canadian MennoniteThe Winnipeg Free Press or CTV Saskatoon.